Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say

Susan & Kyle R. | Dallas , TX

Dear Tim, Thank you again and again for hanging in there with us as we (you) totally remodeled our home. You stuck with us from the beginning of seeing our vision for what we wanted in each space and found the right people to see the ideas through to completion. The kids love having a common space to spread out and each having their own room. I am really happy with my extra storage and laundry room. However, the master bedroom and bath are the “piste de resistance.” You did a super job working with Kyle’s vision to make it all happen. We look forward to the next 12 to 14 years in our home. Watching our kids grow up here and enjoying all of the improvements you made to fit our house to our family and lifestyle. We wish you continued success with your remodel business. While we recommend you every chance we get, please feel free to give our name as a reference and call us anytime that you’d like to show our home to prospective clients. You’re a good man Tim and it shows in your business and the way you conduct your life. I’m glad the Lord brought us together for this project and look forward to seeing how he continues to use us.

 Rob M | Garland , TX

Dear Tim, I want to thank you again for the excellent job your company did on the addition and remodeling at my house. We are fully moved into the new area and we are enjoying it a great deal. I was especially pleased with the quality work that you and your crew performed and the attention that was paid to detail. You certainly achieved our goal of making the addition look like part of the original house plan and not an add-on. We are pleased with every aspect of the job performed. Please feel free to use my name as a reference at any time. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone because I know that the work will be performed with quality and integrity.

  Timothy V. | Dallas , TX

Dear Tim: Angie and I want you to know how pleased we are with the remodeling/design work you performed for us in connection with the 1996 renovation of our kitchen. We could not have been more satisfied with the results. Your employees and subcontractors were courteous and timely, the quality of your work was uniformly excellent, your design suggestions were well conceived and the project was completed on schedule and within budget. I do not believe we could have had a better experience. The acid test, I suppose, of one’s performance is whether it generates repeat business. In view of the fact that you completed a second project for us in January 1997 and are now working on yet another project; you have obviously passed that test with flying colors. Please use this letter, and our name, as a reference. In addition, we would be happy to visit with any of your prospective clients.

  Thomas P. | Irving , TX

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to express our appreciation ana satisfaction with the home-remodeling project undertaken and completed for us by Gault :in Contracting earlier this year. Having built our new home nearly twenty years ago, the effort to restore and update it was a very important matter to us. We are very pleased with the professional approach of Tim Cautton and his entire staff. We appreciate the personal attention and businesslike approach to our project, their honesty, integrity, and skilled work. It was a pleasure to deal with one who truly believes in customer satisfaction. I would be pleased to provide any further information you might desire.

 Robert W. B. | Dallas , TX

Gentlemen, This letter is to bring to your attention the excellent and professional work of The Caulton Construction Co.. This is the second time since I purchased my house in 1992 that I have had major construction. The project that was recently finished by Caulton Construction required them to add on a garage of approximately 650 square feet and convert the existing garage into a game room as well as make some structural changes to the exsisting structure. The project was started on time and completed within a week of the agreed upon date. Tim Caulton and his people always handled themselves in a professional manner and were very responsive to my request throughout the project. I would highly recommend his company to anyone interested in building or remodeling a home.

Norm and Anne M. | Dallas , TX

Nan Greater Dallas Awards Committee: Tim Caulton of Caulton Contracting did a beautiful job of remodeling our bathroom. Not only did he offer suggestions for placement of the bathtub, window, and mirrors, but also worked as a professional who knew his craft. His crews were of the same caliber. They were all top-notch, skilled, and made little disruption while they worked. I highly recommend Tim as a contractor because of his integrity, perfectionist attitude, thoughtfulness, and creativity.

 Dr. and Mrs. David S. | Dallas , TX

We own a home in Caruth Home Place, and have lived there 17 years. This is a zero lot line house with patios off three areas. My husband’s avocation is marble sculpting, and bronze sculpture. For several years, he has wanted sculpture gardens at the house. We contacted a landscape architect to do the design and to oversee the construction. The design seemed excellent on paper, but after the demolition and excavation, it became evident very quickly that the landscape architect was going to be unable or unwilling to oversee the project to our satisfaction. Therefore, we contacted Caulton Contracting and Tim Caulton to see if he would be willing to step in and oversee this extensive project. Not only did we have to halt the project, but it also became evident that the plans needed to be revised if the fountains and pools were going to function as planned. Tim spent a great deal of time researching what our needs were and explored our expectations. We met with various sub-contractors that he recommended, and carefully revised the plans to meet specifications. Tim was innovative, creative, concerned with costs as well as the aesthetics. There were several problems to overcome. One of the greatest dilemmas was the careful moving of a two thousand pound marble sculpture from the back patio, over the house and into place in one of the sculpture gardens. Tim managed this to everyone’s amazement, and without a scratch on the sculpture or house. The sculpture gardens are perfect. I don’t believe we would have had the quality and work-manship if we had not had Tim Caulton overseeing this extensive, complicated remodeling job. The fountains, the pools, and the sculpture look as if they have been there for years. That is quite an accomplishment with any project this extensive. It gives us great pleasure to nominate Tim for Contractor of the Month in the Specialty Category. We feel that he is an outstanding general contractor and should be rewarded for his attention to detail and conscientious work.

 John & Rena S. | Plano , TX

Dear Tim When my wife and I decided to undertake our recent renovation project, we were virtually deluged by friends and relatives with “horror stories” about their remodeling projects But, remembering our satisfaction with the roofing job you did for us a while back, we decided to ignore them and go forward Were glad we did Our original ideas for a major remodel, including a new garage and new rooms, were doused by the zoning authorities because of setback deficiencies With your welcome input, however, we were able to plan out a renovation which has met our expectations and (within the constraints imposed by the city fathers) our needs Your suggestion of a glass block window for the master bath, for example, solved a crying need for light while maintaining privacy without requiring a potentially leaky skylight The use of glass block in the living room also provided the much needed light without hindering the arrangement of furniture These, and other, suggestions which you offered have made the project “work” that is, achieve our goals of increased light and openness without having to sell and move, Many of the “horror stories” we had been treated to dealt with boorish workers and subcontractors who intruded into the tellers’ homes. lives and nightmares, leaving dirt. damaged items. poor quality work, and bad feelings. I am pleased to say our experience was just the opposite. Your people were invariably pleasant and polite, extremely concerned with producing quality work, and very careful to remove any trace of their presence except for the work they were here to do They showed up when they said they would, left when they said they would and. in general, made it easy to plan for, and deal with, the necessary disruption. Your supervisor. Kevin Henderson, was instrumental in assuring that things went smoothly and the outcome was as desired He was available when needed and saw to it that the few corrections required were done properly He is a credit to your organization The project worked out exactly as we had hoped and meets or exceeds our expectations in every respect Thank you for a job well done. You can be sure we will recommend your company whenever we get the opportunity — especially to the folks with the “horror stones”!

 Jim M. | Dallas , TX

Dear Tim: Now that we have been in the house for awhile and feel somewhat settled, I wanted to write you and express mine and Beverly’s pleasure as well as our thanks to you for the spectacular effort that you put forth and the incredible finished result that has been accomplished with the remodeling project on our home. Beverly and I felt from the beginning that this project had great potential to become something very special. But, after going through a very rough beginning and having to fire the initial contractor after only two weeks on the job, we began to have our doubts about the eventual outcome. I know that it was difficult to come in behind another contractor to take over, but you truly salvaged the situation and turned a potential disaster into a finished product that is even greater than our original expectations. We are so happy with our new home. But we are also very proud of it. We have received so many compliments from our friends and relatives that have been over, and the most common eventual expression is that they think it is the nicest home they have ever seen. Even people that saw the house before the construction began have stated that they did not think that it had the potential to turn out like it has. You know Tim, you can have the greatest design and plans possible, but if you don’t have someone that can put it all together then all the previous effort is to no avail. We have both stated how fortunate we feel that you were our contractor. We could not have imagined going through this process with anyone else. From past experiences, we never dreamed we could find a contractor that would be as responsive to our desires and concerns or as caring about a project as you have shown to be. I want you to feel free to use me as a reference for any project in the future. I will be more than happy to express my thoughts and feelings about your work or to help you in any other way. Thank you again from myself, Beverly and Lauren.

 Jackie and David M. | Scurry , TX

To whom it may concern: We would like to express our great satisfaction on Caulton Contracting’s work. Our project was completed with a level of quality of workmanship well above our expectations. All materials used were top of the line, meeting and exceeding our specifications. Although the foundation was designed and engineered professionally, the remainder of the work was from hand drawn plans and less-than-complete detail. The contractor worked with us carefully to provide acceptable and creative alternatives in all areas of details to our complete satisfaction. Perhaps our greatest appreciation comes from the level of communication from our contractor. Schedules of activities were well planned and communicated to us well in advance, along with changes due to unforeseen problems. This has helped immensely in reducing the frustration factor by knowing what to expect instead of waiting for surprises. We never hesitate to recommend this contractor to anyone. His commitment to quality, honesty and integrity has been demonstrated to us from our initial negotiations all of the way through the completion of the final punch list. We wish Tim Caulton only the best of success in his future.